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Brahmas and Cougars end in a draw

A scoreless game ended regular season for the Brahmas against the College of the Canyons Cougars, leading them to an overall record of 14-3-3.

Although the Cougars made several goal attempts, none were successful thanks to midfielder and temporary goalie, Karen Widmeyer. Widmeyer is subbing for Brianna Jacobo who is said to possibly return during the playoffs, according to coach Adolfo Perez.

Leslie Ramirez, forward, is ready for the playoffs to begin and has high hopes for the team.

“I’m super excited, I mean it’s like the grind time, pretty much. This is our last, final moments of our season, so I kind of just wanted to go out with a bang and win and make history to be the first women in history here to win playoffs. [It] would be pretty cool, so it’s kind of like we’re the underdogs, ” Ramirez said.

This was the last game before the tournament begins and Perez stated that this was a good game.

“This is a preview of the playoffs same intensity except in playoffs [the] winner goes on and [the] loser’s seasons over, ” Perez said.
During the game, passes from player to player showed that the Brahmas weren’t willing to let the Cougars win this one. Halftime came and the game was tied in what spectators and players hoped would change into their favor, but the game ended goalless.

According to defense player Nicole Evans, “We just played hard as much as we could, but we have a couple of our forwards injured and they’re not playing full capacity, so that helped with us not scoring a goal, but our defense held it down and overall this was one of our better games even though it ended in a tie.”

“I think we played very hard. We were smart today we didn’t make major mistakes,” Perez said.

Widmeyer stopped at least four goal attempts from the opposing team.

Although there were some goal attempts from Pierce, there were very few attempts, but a lot of movement on the field that helped keep the other team from scoring.

“I think we need to shoot more. We didn’t shoot enough today. We can’t score if we don’t shoot, but other than that, overall I think we did a really good job. This is one of the first games that we moved the ball a lot so we worked on things that we don’t usually do. This was kind of like a practice game to get a feel of how playoffs is going to be. I think for like next time we know what to do,” said Ramirez.

Friday’s game was said to be like a practice for the upcoming playoffs, which is expected to be similar or maybe even tougher. What seemed like an aggressive team to play against, gave them the practice to help them prepare for the playoffs.

The playoffs begin on Saturday, Nov. 19 at 7 p.m. with a road trip to Ventura.

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