No relief for this heat

Adolfo Perez, women’s soccer head coach, talks with the team after an afternoon gym session at Pierce College in Woodland Hills, Calif. on Aug 31, 2017. The team was unable to practice during their normally scheduled time outside due to soaring daytime temperatures during the first week of classes. Photo: Lori Matlock

A heat wave occurred in Southern California spiking temperatures to triple digits causing people at Pierce College to change their routines.

According to the Pierce College Weather Station, Aug. 28 reached a record high of 111.  The previous record of 109 was set back in 2005.

Beth Benne, director of the Pierce College Health Center, said that the heat has affected students on campus because students reported encountering higher stress levels.  Students are more short tempered in the heat and it increases stress levels.  

“We had more crisis in the first four days of the semester than I can remember having,” Benne said.

Benne said students combine the heat with layered clothing, didn’t bring enough water, they aren’t eating, because they aren’t hungry, due to the heat and it culminates in mood swings.

The rise in temperatures also restricted people from their usual schedules such as the Pierce coaches, athletes, and students who were confined indoors as a result of the dangers of dehydration and other heat related illnesses.  

Women’s soccer head coach Adolfo Perez said that the heat wave has affected them in a lot of ways.  Since they are in season the weather has prohibited them from doing normal practices.

Other athletes feel similar to what Perez mentioned.

“I feel it affected the way we train,” basketball player Christian Guillory said. “We can’t really go outside for long periods of time. Really got to stay hydrated.”

To counter the lingering high temperatures Benne had some ideas to offer.

“Carrying an umbrella or a parasol to protect someone from the direct sunlight is important,” Benne said. “Hydration, hydration, hydration. Drinking plenty of water is essential.”