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Ghoul spirit

The halloween spirit always seems to find its way to Pierce.

From 2005-2014, the Farm Center played host to the Halloween Harvest Festival. While the corn mazes and haunted house may be gone, clubs and departments at Pierce are still bringing the celebration to campus.

This year, multiple events were held at Pierce, including a costume drive organized by ASO.

The campus festivities began on Thursday when the English Club hosted a costumed movie night with films including “Elvis and Costello Meets Frankenstein” and “Halloween.”

On Tuesday, the costumed fun kicked-off with the Peer2Peer Halloween event, which focused on bring together mentors, mentees and Pierce Promise students together.

“Our program strives to achieve the goal of making these students feel welcome at a community event,” said Isha Paricha, a Peer2Peer mentor and the ASO Vice President. “They can come along, dress crazy on the day of Halloween and enjoy free games, free chocolate and candies.”

Paricha sees the event as a way for students to have fun on Halloween just like they did as children by dressing up and trick-or-treating.

Kimberly Castillo, the co-coordinator of Peer2Peer, thinks that while the events are smaller than the Harvest Festival, they still provide students an ample place to dress up and have fun.

The Peer2Peer event wasn’t the only place for students to trick-or-treat. The English Department held “Haunted Office Hours,” with candy, spooky music and scary stories.

English Department Chair Donna Accardo said it was offered to convince students to visit their instructors.

“It’s like the secret sauce,” Accardo said. “We are getting students to come in and talk and get to know their teachers during office hours. Our students and teachers work so hard that we decided to have our own Halloween thing.”

More candy was to be had on the Mall, with the Pierce College Vegan Society handing out vegan candy.

Festivities ended with the Queer Brahma Collective’s costume contest and a screening of “Paris is Burning” in the Great Hall.

The Halloween celebration wasn’t limited to just clubs and departments. Baseball had some fun during practice, with players dressing in costume and having what they call “backwards baseball.”

“They’ve been doing it for years. The last place I coached, we did it. Last year, we got rained out,” Picketts said. “Everyone has to do the opposite thing. They have to swing opposite hand, run backwards and do the bases backwards. Hopefully no one gets hurt. Take a little break from our daily practices.”

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