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Pro: Let’s talk

Public speaking is a difficult skill to acquire, but students must be able to do this to successfully succeed in college. The UC and CSU requirement to complete a public speaking class before transferring is beneficial to students because it forces them to overcome the fear of public speaking.

As students progress through college, professors assume that students are able to comprehend complex ideas and present them to a group. Professors do not require a pre-requisite for incorporating presentations in their classes because this is considered a skill that the average student is expected to have acquired by the time they are in college.

By having a class that focuses on public speaking, students are given the time and opportunity to practice this ability, which will help them in other classes. Like any skill, public speaking is one that improves with practice.

Because public speaking courses are required, students gain skills that will be necessary in a future where communication is vital to success. Competent communication skills are expected by employers because it shows that a potential employee will be able to relay information in a professional and timely manner.

Public speaking classes require students to acquire skills, which help them professionally and accurately present ideas while under stress. Students learn to catch mistakes in their communicational skills, such as use of improper language, bad presentation of information, and inability to present oneself professionally. Dressing appropriately, standing up straight, and speaking clearly are skills offered in speech classes.

An individual who is well-spoken and presents ideas professionally is also likely to have a higher self-esteem. Students are more likely to fear public speaking, but the fear stems from a lack of self-esteem. Students who present well have a high self-esteem because they have confidence in their appearance, speaking ability, and believe the ideas they are presenting.

With practice, individuals who are learning to speak publically correct their mistakes while communicating, and begin to feel more confident in their abilities. Public speaking forces a student to face their fear and their lack of confidence, and it offers students the chance to build up their confidence.

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