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Pros: Social Networking with Teachers

Social networking is a popular tool in our society that allows us to stay connected with one another. No matter the medium, be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat or email, we are easily able to stay in contact with others. It is now easier to stay in contact with friends, peers and our teachers because […]

Don’t Follow Your Teachers Out Of The Classroom

Stumbling across your teacher’s Saturday night post nowadays is a very real possibility with social media being accountable for billions of profiles of all ages.    Many teachers and students can build friendships over the years and the two parties may decide to share their social media accounts with one another. This can lead to […]

Love Beyond Price

Valentine’s Day is the opportunity that comes around once a year to not only tell the ones you love how much you love them, but to show them how much you care.   What I mean by “show them how much you care” is that Valentine’s Day should not be represented by how much money […]

Cupid is Picking Your Pocket

How we’ve bought into the marketing of romance The principles of Valentine’s Day typically encompass celebrations of romance and love, but it has actually become a frenzy of consumerism. After New Year’s, it seems almost overnight, stores become stocked with Valentine’s Day merchandise. Everything from heart shaped candies, to cupcakes made with red icing, to […]

There are no walls between us

Donald Trump ran a campaign in which he was unafraid to speak freely. Some liked that about him. In a system filled with stepford smilers and cajolery, Trump was refreshing. In the progressive liberal bubbles that are Los Angeles, the Internet, and college, we tuned in and laughed everyday at Trump’s latest antics. We never […]

Column: Cruelty-free makeup

With so much thought on what we put in our bodies, there seems to be very little attention given to what we put on our bodies. The skin is our largest organ and absorbs chemicals directly through the pores on its surface. When you apply your makeup in the morning, do you ever think about […]

Column: The modern vegan

If you’re an animal lover, a health nut or an environmentalist, the thought of going vegan has probably crossed your mind. Perhaps you haven’t made the leap because you don’t want to grow out your beard or live in a Volkswagen van. When meat-eaters think of vegans, they probably picture long-haired, sandal-wearing, tree-hugging, tofu-munching hippies. […]

Column: Why students should travel

Fall semester has officially ended and, if you aren’t taking winter classes, your schedule allows some adventure. Traveling is never a bad idea when you have a consecutive few weeks to kill. If you like the hot weather, you can escape our cold winter and travel to Australia or South America, where it will be […]

Column: We still need feminism

Warning this column contains the F-word. It’s extreme, it’s offensive, it’s – feminism. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines the word feminism as “the theory of the political, economic and social equality of the sexes”. Wait a second, what’s so wrong with that? Over the years the word has gained some negative connotations and, as a result, […]

Holiday shopping tips

The holiday season is in full swing. Classic Christmas songs are playing on the radio, getting you in the spirit. However, here comes the tough part and that is holiday shopping. Christmas time should be a time of happiness, joy and should bring goodwill to all of mankind. However, for some it does not turn […]

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