Come and Get it!! It’s time to Eat!!!

Ariadna Zuniga / Roundup

Everyone knows what its like to have a home cooked meal. We all experience the though of a home cooked meal which makes your mouth waters at the thought of it because that type of meal is irresistible.

But how about a home cooked meal brought to us by someone other than our mother? How about a good home cooked meal from Bakersfield?

That is what any customer will be experiencing at the Harvest Festival as they go to eat at “Mammas Marinez”. This vendor carries a variety of food to satisfy anyone’s appetite.

Their food court consists of 2 different sections with 2 different types of foods on each side. On the right side they have a traditional Mexican food menu and on the left side they have BBQ style meats to feed any hearty hunger.

The Mexican entrées consists of burritos, tacos or quesadillas with a side of rice and beans at no extra cost. You psiphon may add a little spice by adding chopped onions or cilantro and/or a hot or mild salsa.

The BBQ style meats on the left side consist of tri-tip, chicken, beef, pork and ribs. They can be served in a sandwich or in a dinner plate with ranch style beans, coleslaw and pico de gallo.

All these meats are marinated and roasted in a giant grill that is in between both sections of the food court. The BBQ sauce is home made for that authentic taste that accompanies the pork and the beef.

All the meats have a tender taste that would make anyone want a second serving. Especially when I ate the tri-tip, my mouth watered as I went for seconds.

Their soft drinks consist of the basics that are found in any restaurant except the sun kissed tea. This tea has a bold taste that is distinct and quite refreshing to any other tea that I had ever had.

I enjoyed the variety that I was exposed to because it gave me options to what my appetite was and I rate all the food with an A+.

As a consumer it is always a plus to have variety in something that is wanted. With broader options it’s easy to find something that will satisfy your hunger. After hanging out at the festival it is great to have a convenient area to find a good lunch.