Concert inspired by angels inspires

Ariadna Zuniga / Roundup

As the silence filled the auditorium, the vivid musical notes of the “City of Angels” gradually rose under the direction of Pierce Music Professor, Director Stephen P. Piazza.

The Los Angeles Symphonic Winds hosted this event at the beginning of this month at the Performance Arts Building.

Piazza said the evening’s music was based upon the statues of Angels he had seen two years ago all over Downtown Los Angeles.

“I saw it as if we are all angels here in Los Angeles now, and we all come from different places all over the world to meet here now,” said Piazza.

Everyone has different backgrounds, which gives us all different point of views about everything in life, especially music, he explained.

During the performance many different pieces were performed from different parts of the world.

Every piece would bring a sense of adventure into your mind. It was a calm soothing sensation that represented the beginning of the journey.

As the performance proceeded, the mood changed into a cautious harmony, as you are getting closer to the finale.

The ending was significant as it got rid of any loose ends with joyous musical notes representing everything being settled into a new home away from home. It was as if you could picture the voyage on getting to your new home.

It’s as if you were able to be in the composers’ shoes for a split second to witness the journey that had many changes ahead but indeed were not going to stop the trip. The passion and excellence invested by the musicians into these pieces was amazing. The music had a never-ending flow that made anyone want more.

It was a full house with 400 seats filled which made the standing ovation unforgettable as the loud claps of joy continued until the next piece.

Many performances had a verse in the middle of a piece that would make you wonder if the journey was a mistake. However, the ending would secure the idea of the journey as being a wonderful choice.

To travel around the world signifies great change into your life but it’s about the outcome that matters. This event was a great way to bring many people from different backgrounds together.

For one night, everyone that came from different parts of the world came together to represent the same ending of making another country their new home for their future families.

Director Stephen P. Piazza opening “The city of Angels” concert on Sunday Oct. 8 (Amit Sharabi)

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