Football takes another beating

Monika Searcy / Roundup

It was a clear cool evening Saturday at Shepard Stadium, but apparently a hot and hazy one on the field for the Brahmas, facing the College of the Canyon’s Cougars with a 53-17 loss.

Unfortunately, a key mistake in the game was the Brahmas defense, ranked 13 in rushing defense in the Western State Conference, which allowed Canyon’s Cougars offensive team, ranked number two in the WSC, earn the win.

The first half of the game was a battle, with the Cougars leading 27-17.

Cordell Hammond was the star of the night, scoring two touchdowns and earned 120 yards, giving the Brahmas their scoring points for the game.

The highlight play of the night was the 30-yard pass made by Roland White to Hammond for a touchdown, followed up by a two point conversion putting Pierce at 17-27 for the first half of the game.

The second half was all defenses for Pierce, which was a little loosely-knit on the tackling end.

The opening of the fourth quarter was a strong one for Pierce’s defense, with Galen Osborne rushing the quarterback giving the Cougars no yardage.

Another strong defensive play made by Pierce was a pass interference made by Tim Clark in an attempt to slow down the points made by the Cougars.

The Brahmas may have slowed them down but did not pull them to a complete stop.

Terrence Scott of COC scored a 17-yard touchdown during the fourth quarter, adding to their lead they had over the game and making the win official for the Cougars.

Although the game was not a win for the Brahmas, the team still has a great outlook for the upcoming games.

“I feel pretty good… we just needed a few more big plays,” said Hammond about Pierce’s performance.

“The score doesn’t really reveal what the game was… we’re going to win the rest of our games.”

Some of the defensive players feel that they are on the field a little more than they should be due to lack of players drastic ds emulator on the team, which could be a reason as to why their performance was not as strong as they would have like it to have been.

“We’re on the field too much. We can’t keep doing 80 a night when the average plays should be 30-40 plays a game,” said defensive lineman Brandon Johnson, who made seven tackles for the night.

“There are just not a lot of people on the team.”

Other players felt that there were little errors that could have made all the difference.

“We had it under control in the first half but we made a lot of little mistakes that are correctable,” said Michael Pratt. “We just got to get together and get more focused and shake this loss off and come back next week ready.”

The loss gave the Cougars (3-4) a second consecutive win and lengthened the Brahmas (6-1) losing streak. However, the Brahmas will have time to shake the loss off for next week’s game against Ventura College at Pierce on Oct. 28 at 7 p.m.