Gov. signs bill, equalizes funding students

Rubin Arias / Roundup

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signed a new law Oct. 4 that will give more funding to community colleges and replace Proposition 13 which was passed in 1978.

The measure says that community colleges receive their funding from the state, not local districts as before.

The bill replaces old funding ways and offers state support for non-credit programs, which were previously credited at a 50 percent appropriation level, so students can prepare for college-level work or jobs.

According to Inside Higher Ed, state’s average per-student appropriation in recent years was $4,000 to $4,100.

Some districts were receiving more money than others, some as much as $900 more per student.

Darroch “Rocky” Young, chancellor of the L.A. Community College District said the changes are significant and feels the funding will result in an extra $6 million annually.

The legislation allows for extra funds to go to the districts that are growing rapidly.

The students can benefit from the smaller classes at the community colleges.

The district will receive an additional $2 million when the new non-credit course rules are in effect.


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