Difranco latest work borders on failure

Soothing, relaxing, jazzy and mellow describes Ani Difranco’s sound throughout her album “Reprieve.”

“Hypnotized” the opener does just what it says. The song lingers the listener in and makes them feel at ease.

The smooth sound of her guitar allows you to drift into relaxation and takes you into another world.

Although many of the songs sounded the same “Half- Assed” has its very own distinct sound.

The fun upbeat melody takes the listener on a round of musical chairs.

“Reprieve” is personal yet extremely political.

“Millennium” Theater is incredibly opinionated.

The song speaks for those who don’t have the opportunity to voice their personal opinion about how they feel about the government and the decisions that are made.

It was very hard for me to get into the CD. Many of the songs were repetitive and far out there.

When I had to analyze and try to figure out where she was going with all her songs it turned into a confusing maze that made me feel trapped with no way out.

Ani Difranco’s lyric’s are well throughout however very hard to understand and relate to.

It’s easy to distinguish that she wants those who listen to her CD to walk away yearning for more.

If you’re into deep analytical music, go out and buy this album.

Final Grade C-


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