Poor planning leads to low homecoming attendance

Without a king or queen, or much involvement from the clubs for a unique new arrangement the Associated Students’ Organization (ASO) planned for Saturday’s homecoming, few in attendance realized that the game was Pierce College’s official homecoming game.

Cheerleading coach Jenny Johnson organized the 2004 and 2005 homecomings, and had planned on continuing the traditional event, complete with king and queen this year.

“There are lots of people who are role models of Pierce College, but it’s good to see a queen and king on homecoming,” said Johnson.

One week prior to the event, however, ASO discussed the idea of homecoming and decided not to include the traditional crowning.

Instead, they planned to select a club for their spirit and creative banner, poster or float in a planned club parade at halftime. The club would be presented with a Bull Trophy that would be kept by the club until next year.

The winner would be selected by ballots distributed to attendees and ASO would announce the “Club Spirit Winner” at the end of the game.

Tessa Moss, ASO committee chair of social and cultural events, said “There are many fantastic clubs which we offer at Pierce College.

“Rather than just awarding two people, we wanted to recognize the students who are getting involved in their school and community.

“That’s what school spirit is all about.”

During the 20-minute halftime, however, only 15 faculty members and two of the 14 ASO clubs, International Students and the Boots and Saddles club, participated.

They drove two wagons around the stadium and gave out Halloween candies to the crowd.

Approximately 300 fans supported Pierce’s losing attempt at the homecoming game, while 100 supporters came to cheer on Ventura College’s victory at Shepard Stadium.

“If there were more people, that would be perfect,” said Barbara Anderson, chair of the speech communication department and director of the honors program.

ASO financially supported the event and publicized the event with a banner on the library building and postings at the cafeteria bulletin.

It’s unclear if the event was publicized to alumni.

During the third quarter of the game, Moss said that more than 100 ballots were collected and that they would announce the winner.

At the end of the game, however, everyone left, without a winner claimed. The parting crowd included the ASO.

Some faculty didn’t know the night was homecoming.

Still, Anderson noted that, “I really enjoyed it.”


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