Don’t settle for others’ decisions this election day

1919: Women, too long forgotten, face alienation and oppression just to say, “I too, count.”

1944: “The White Primary” laws, excluding Blacks from voting, are declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court.

1965: People from all walks of life demand equality allowing everyone to have their say.

Thousands of deaths, 230 years and a few MTV commercials later it all comes down to four letters: VOTE.

What if right now your right to vote was in jeopardy?

Would you fight for it with a bang or a whisper?

Voting is not only our right–it is our privilege and a characteristic of this country which separates it from many of its global peers.

Why fight for that right, or let our fellow citizens fight for it, and then sit back and settle for ‘good enough’?

In this time of political turmoil and international upheaval, why let others speak your mind?

Stop complaining if you can’t make it to the ballots.

Stop complaining about low wages and innadeaquate health coverage.

Stop complaining about rising gas prices.

For one moment, stop and think. Maybe you do owe your voice to those millions of determined people who risked suffering to grant and ensure the vote for everyone.

Maybe it isn’t a right, but a duty.

Rock it, cast it, voice it.

You’ve all heard the old cliche, “talk is cheap, but actions speak louder than words.”

Don’t let there be no sleep lost over Tuesday, when the day dwindles from school to work to tv-tiredness.

Instead, don’t just talk the talk, walk the walk to the nearest poll booth and back it up by filling in the little bubbles.

Make them count.

(Cesar Maguina)

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