Quick! Help! Someone get us the Geek Squad!

Somebody call the Geek Squad.

Pierce College is far from the forefront of technology.

It’s like the little red schoolhouse that tried but just couldn’t.

There are countless problems when it comes to using any high technology on this campus.

In the past two months, several dramatic and important technological changes have occurred on campus and the Information Technology (IT) department has failed to meet the needs of these changes, causing big problems.

One such problem is the fact that many of the newly-constructed buildings in the Village (including The Roundup) still do not have one of the most important streams of communication… Internet access.

Another problem occurred during winter session, when IT changed the school’s e-mail system.

Although this change primarily affected professors, they were not told of the change until two weeks after it happened.

IT then gave everyone the same pass code asked them to be sure to change them and cut all access to their old accounts.

In both situations, IT failed to communicate and correct the problems that have been caused by these recent changes.

This campus has long been plagued by a bounty of technological problems.

Some so technological they apparently cannot be solved.

If it’s not the Web site being down then it’s the Internet not working, or it’s the fact that you cannot connect a computer without IT doing it because Lord knows we don’t know how to plug a computer cord into a socket.

The problems are always the same and IT takes too long to fix them, or doesn’t fix then at all because phone calls and e-mails go unnoticed.

Maybe it’s because the position of IT manager is like our presidents, a nonstop revolving door.

Hire who you need to hire, including two full-time Webmasters and begin the process of hiring a third within the next year.

How else are you going to update such a major site built to meet the needs of more than 24,000 future students?

If these technological problems are not corrected, Pierce will never be a leading competitor in the future education system.

Cowchip Bingo doesn’t have the appeal it once did.≠≠≠≠≠

In this semester’s catalog the president wrote that the campus renovations “will create some initial disruptions.”

But, how long will we have to wait for our self proclaimed “ultra kind, extremely courteous, and readily available staff” at IT to coordinate their workgroup and accomplish their ever-growing to-do list?


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