A chunk of luck needed for “Good Luck Chuck”

Manuel Veloria

Dane Cook may deliver good punch-lines while on stage telling how he punched a penguin on the beak, but “Good luck Chuck” may need a chunk of luck since sex, magic, and penguins won’t land a winning K.O. “Good Luck Chuck”, opened nationwide Friday, and grossed over 14 million during the first weekend.

The film can be categorized as semi-porn since it shows more half-naked women that you’ll ever see in an adult comedy movie, more than delivering good laughs that make our jaws hurt. However, the scenes aren’t as sexual as anything you’d see on hdpornt or porn site of a similar caliber, so don’t get your hopes so high. Dane Cook plays Charlie, a dentist who wants to build a steady relationship with Can (Jessica Alba) who seems to be cursed too because of the relentless idiotic accidents that took place; made sharp objects stick on the dentist back, electrifying Charlie while jumping her car, and having hit a pole in the middle of the street.

However, Charlie’s been hex after refusing to kiss a “Goth” girl in the game of spin-the-bottle and must live with the curse of being the guy who’s the leverage to meeting Mr. Right.

Picture it in your head my fellow bachelors, Charlie (Cook) is by far the luckiest (unluckiest) guy in the world after being put under this curse, girls flock over him for the “curse-charm” he has. But after having tons of meaningless sex and one night-stander (come on guys isn’t that what we like?) He started seeing how sex leaves him lonely and destitute.

Charlie then took an oath to no longer linger on the sex department and aim to be stable with Cam (Jessica Alba), who’s an accident-prone sweet girl who enjoys hanging out with the penguins in Aqua World.

One of the funny moments of the movie is when Charlie seeks if the curse does really come true and sleeps with the vilest woman and see if the curse actually works (or he can just not ruin the relationship and become the one and only man.)

The elements of the film is clich?┬ęd all over the sun-genre movie of adult comedies, as it grabs subtle foundation from movies such as “Wedding Crashers” for the sex part, un-explainable curse from “Shallow Hal”, and need I say more about the titles that came out about those little tip-toeing penguins?

Supporting characters played much well in the movie, Charlie’s best bud, Stu (Dan Folger from “Balls of Fury”) a comic relief of the movie because of his aficionado with big-breasted women and constantly masturbate with pre-heated grapefruits, and Lonny Ross who plays as Cam’s stoner brother who gets smarter than Confucius every time he smokes the stash.

The chemistry between Alba and Cook worked well in the film. Cook’s stature in the movie serves well since he’s able to maintain the clean shaved look for a dentist while Alba’s stunning beauty played best for a good girlfriend look in the movie.

But the one that will be embedded on your mind the whole time watching the movie is Dan Fulger’s character because it will remind you of friend making remarks of girls in school, “Oh man she’s a hottie! I’d do her.”

If you’re going to see the movie anyway, don’t see it with your girlfriend because she’ll end up saying what in God’s sake made this movie appeal to you, same goes for you ladies. This movie isn’t your ideal chick flick movie, it’s best to see it with you friends and waste time mocking Cook’s character, “you stupid for not sleeping with her!” or “Just do her!”

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