Jack Black and Mos Def join forces

Liat Nosrati

“Be Kind Rewind” was an imaginative and hilarious depiction of what it is like to have an idea and just go for it.Jerry (Jack Black) and Mike (Mos Def) are two opposite people. Mike is a loyal clerk at a video store (no DVDs) called “Be Kind Rewind” and Jerry is the wacky friend who thinks the local power plant is melting his brain.The owner of the video store, Mr. Fletcher (Danny Glover), goes away for a while and leaves Mike in charge. While Fletcher is away, Jerry talks Mike into helping him sabotage the local power plant but ends up becoming magnetized in the process. Thinking he would help Mike, Jerry organizes the videos at the store and unintentionally erases the films.In an attempt to satisfy the store’s loyal costumers, Mike comes up with a wild idea to remake the films with only Jerry and a camcorder at his side. The first film to be “sweded,” because Jerry convinces the customers that it was made in Sweden, was “Ghostbusters.” Surprisingly and unrealistically, the first sweded film does extremely well. The pair continues their movie-making journey, remaking “Robocop” and “Driving Miss Daisy” among other films.”Be Kind Rewind” was delightfully creative with a child-like quality to it, making it easy to watch. It took place in Passaic, N.J., yet it had Hollywood written all over it. Writer and director Michel Gondry may have shot for a nostalgic feel, but the plot was a bit too unbelievable to feel like home.Black is always fun to watch and really gave the film an extra kick. His facial expressions practically made the movie and his passion shined brightly throughout. Black’s talent is unmistakable and seems so natural that it sneakily captures the viewer. Def successfully played a safe and friendly character. But then again, how hard is it to play the nice guy? Nevertheless, he fell right into place and offered his naturally gracious attitude to the film. Def’s ability to seem humble is brilliant and comforting. However, he isn’t just a softie; his bite is hard when he wants it to be.”Be Kind Rewind” was luminous and inventive and had a lot to offer, as long as the viewer was willing to accept it. Viewers had the chance to see memorable films through a different perspective, if only through a montage. Take the chance and live in a dream for a couple hours. The whimsicality is undeniable.


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