Pierce Fashion blooms

Kiyomi Kikuchi

Pierce College students flaunt a wide array of colors on campus – their fashion blooms like a cherry blossom. The styles on campus, imbued with spring colors, inspire us.

“Fashion is the individual’s internal spirit expressed on the exterior,” said Leonel Mondrag√≥n, a former Pierce student. She likes simple clothes, like jeans and T-shirts.

“I care about fashion,” said Pierce student Stephanie Lerma. “It talks a lot about your personality – how you are.”

Prominent fashion trends at Pierce include body piercings and tattoos.

“A lot of girls have a tongue piercing,” said Lerma. “That is cool.”

Pre-veterinary science major Liz Glick pointed out that Pierce has a lot of young students who walk around campus wearing the really tight shorts, shirts and skirts that they wore in high school.

“It takes away from the sense that it’s a place for adults, but not like a night club,” Glick said.

Fashion is a diverse element that represents our ideas and individuality. It serves as a powerful tool of free speech, and allows us to fluidly express ourselves.


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