A day for women’s month

2000 and is currently overseeing an internship that will start this summer 2000 and is currently overseeing an internship that will start this summer to provide training in social justice for college sophomores and juniors.

Board Trustee Angela Reddock related to Generations X and Y as an avid participant in many L.A. community groups, such as the L.A Urban League and the A.A. National Institute. She gives full credit to her mother, who gave her hope to succeed.

Reddock graduated from UCLA with a degree in law, mostly focused on employment, labor law, wrongful termination and discrimination. She is amazed at how far the country has come, as for the first time, a woman and a black man are running in the presidential race.

“Michelle Obama doesn’t represent a woman standing by her man,” Reddock said. “She has her own career.”

Sheila Williams, a history instructor at Pierce, stunned the audience by stating that she married her high school teacher shortly after she graduated. Though she gained a rapid interest in history and taught an AP course at Birmingham High, she secured a backup plan by studying law.

“It was a good seminar,” said student Jonathan Hernandez. “I liked it and I learned a lot.”

Women across the world fight hard every day to adjust to the hardships of life. The three women who spoke are prime examples of driven people who have lived lives full of hopes and dreams – and provided hope for the next generation.


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