Let ‘The Spirit’ take you away

Arnavaz Fatemi

During the season where “feel-good” movies are high in demand and dominate box offices Frank Miller’s interpretation of Will Eisner’s “The Spirit” is a film the action buffs could go for.

The movie is based in the fictional town of Central City, where ex-cop Denny Colt (Gabriel Macht) was killed but was brought back to life by The Octopus (Samuel L. Jackson).

When Colt comes back to life, he agrees to work in the “shadows” of the city’s police department to continue to bring justice to the streets.

It is a great change to watch a comic book based film and have it be spot on with the comic. (Save for the recent Marvel films.)

Many scenes of the movie felt as if it had been ripped right out of graphic novels, making the art of the film exceptional.

Those familiar with the style of Miller’s artwork in “Sin City” and “300” will not be disappointed.

Another entertaining aspect of the movie, that does not disappoint, is how The Spirit / Denny Colt is “woman crazy,” and the movie is not based around any one particular love interest.

The film clearly portrayed that finding and killing The Octopus meant more to The Spirit than any woman in the movie.

It is pleasing that Miller did not go the route of “mainstream Hollywood” and focus on one particular love story.

The only love emphasized in the movie is the love The Spirit has for the city.

The casting of this movie was phenomenal.

Jackson truly brought the character of The Octopus to life and it was clear that he truly put his all into bringing the humor, evil and madness to the character.

Eva Mendes (Sand Saref) plays the perfect role of a lost little girl grown up and Macht portrays a great twisted hero.

Overall this movie was worth the money to see. If anything, it was just worth the art every scene put onto the movie screen.



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