Winter break just around the corner

Melissa Kendall

With one more week left of classes, the fall semester is coming to an end. As students shift focus from the rigorous demands that finals require, they begin to consider how they will be spending their winter break.

“I have some classes that I need to take here at Pierce in the winter session,” said first-year RVT student Anne Hager.

Although unable to take a nice get-a-way, she’s not upset about it because the units will bring her one step closer to her final goal with the RVT program.

But her winter break won’t consist of all work and no play.

“My brother will be coming down with his wife from Hartford, Conn. to spend time with my parents and me,” Hager said. “I’m unable to really go anywhere because I can only take two to three days off at a time, but it will still be nice to have them visit.”

First-year English major Lilly Mucci is faced with a conflict when thinking about her winter-break activities.

“I should enroll in the winter session so I could hopefully transfer by next year,” she said. “But what I really want to do, and probably will end up doing, is go up to the snow for a week or two. I promised some friends that I would go with them so they could teach me how to snowboard.”

Art student Carol Jones is looking forward to the break with no plans in the making as of yet.

“I’m going to take some chill time, do some reading and relax,” she said. “I had a crazy schedule this semester, and it will be really nice to hang around, sleep in and just enjoy it.”

Winter break is also holiday time, as second-year agriculture student Monica Jimenez pointed out.

“I love having all of my family around for Christmas dinner,” she said. “I never really go anywhere during winter break because I don’t like the cold weather or the snow, but I always look forward to seeing my family. Sometimes it’s the only time I see some of them all year.”

Winter break officially begins Dec. 24 and ends Jan. 2 for the start of winter session. Students who do not attend winter session will have a break until the spring semester begins Feb. 9.

“Any break from a tough schedule is welcome,” Jones said. “If I do absolutely nothing or everything, my spirit will be rejuvenated and ready for the next semester.”

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