Bye Bye Forty-three

Antonio Hernandez

It’s been a long eight years “Number 43,” a financial crisis, two wars, a good heap of scandals and your vice president shot someone in the face. Let me just say that one more time–SHOT SOMEONE IN THE FACE. If anything, you can leave the White House with a huge sigh of relief as the burdens of the office lift from your shoulders.

However, I am sure that a few of those will be tied by history as the years move on. It’s not all that bad though, as you are so enthusiastic to point out, you brought AIDS relief to Africa with an ambitious plan that has delivered on its promises. In fact, you have rolled out the most ambitious plan this nation has ever committed to, and or that-as much as I hate to say this-I salute.

I can forgive you too, as I have no idea what it is like to be “43,” but I am sure a majority of Americans cannot. Your poll numbers slipped over these years four years, and your wars have been wildly unpopular. It’s evident in a November CNN poll, in which 76 percent of Americans disapproved of your actions in office.

They’re just numbers though, as you yourself had said in the face of such gloomy prospects. To your credit, when you announced shortly after Sept. 11 that we would be seeking out the Taliban in Afghanistan, I agreed completely.

It seemed like the right thing to do and a majority of the international community agreed. America once again led on the right course, and we believed we were following the path of justice.

It wasn’t that easy though. Your over-zealous invasion of Iraq, and poor actions of your defense secretary proved that.

The Iraq War was a disaster, and I can comfortably say that now.

You leave the country in a state of turmoil, and I know-by your recent farewell address-that you are not happy with that.

As you spoke, even as you defended your actions, I could tell that you showed remorse for some of your decisions. You are a strong man, I’ll give you that.

However, we can tell that beneath that tough Texas talk, that you were defending your actions, but apologizing to the American people. It’s better than what your vice president has done in the past weeks.

I suppose what I am trying to say “43,” is that I forgive you.

You did what you thought was right, and while I disapprove your bending of the Constitution, I cannot blame only you. The failure of these last eight years weighs heavy on the shoulders of every representative, even if they claim to have opposed certain moves made by you.


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