I don’t need a month

Antonio Hernandez

If there is one thing that America is good at, it’s handing months out like candy.For each turn of the calendar there is a theme that is associated with it, to remember or honor our diverse groups that contributed to this great melting pot we call America.

So now we come upon February, a month that should fill me with great respect for my culture.

So why is it that every time Black History Month comes up, I immediately turn off my television? Why is it that one particular month should stand out among the rest, why is it that every time February comes around the black community suddenly clings to our great civil rights leaders and preach upon the success that we have yet to fulfill?

Martin Luther King’s achievements should not be restricted to 28 days, and countless other sacrifices shouldn’t be treated like a simple national holiday. The community should constantly be aware of the contributions that these men and women made.

I don’t need BET to suddenly grow a conscious and preach about responsibility, when a majority of the artists showcased on the channel do anything but that.

Frankly, there should be no Black History Month. Let me just go out on a limb here and say there shouldn’t be any month given to a particular group.  History should linger in our mind for longer than that and should be reflected upon throughout our lives.

These men and women did not sacrifice their very lives just so we can remember them once out of the year. I understand that we are prideful of our achievements, but why wear that on our shoulders for a month.

Should we not hold our heads high and strive to achieve our dreams throughout the year? Shouldn’t these achievements live forever in our minds, constantly whispering to us that we should build on our community?

I understand that I have never lived through the civil rights movement, but I make it a point to learn, respect, and remember the achievements of my community.

Every. Single. Month.

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