The site that leads to NOWHERE

Do us a favor, turn on your computer and type in

Got it?

Alright now try looking up the faculty list. We’ll wait for you, don’t worry.

Chances are that by the time you reach this paragraph, you’ve already broken your computer in frustration.

That is because the Pierce Web site—while recently updated—is still like navigating through a dark cave. Maybe that is because the sites upkeep is entrusted to one individual.

There is one Webmaster at Pierce, when many sites generally have a full staff to update information.
That would explain the slow pace our Web site suffers through and the inability to properly navigate anywhere but the home page, which was designed by the Los Angeles Community College District.

If you didn’t figure out how to find the faculty list, we’ll explain it for you.

Step 1: Click on the “Faculty and Staff” banner

Step 2: Scan the sidebar for a “Faculty and Staff” list

Step 3: Realize it doesn’t exist

Step 4: Click on faculty Web pages

Step 5: Scan the phone directory it routes you to

Step 6: Throw your computer out the window

 Obviously, that is too many steps

Imagine being a first time student, unable to navigate the Pierce Web site. Would you want to attend a college that doesn’t have an organized Web site.

As of now, the site is being held hostage by a wall of text and countless links. With more eyes on the Web site it would be much easier to clean it up and create a functioning page.

Perhaps, the college could employ student workers—many of whom experience with the online world—too work side by side with the Webmaster to ensure the quality of the site.

Maybe then, the college could finally address the problem of department-specific sites not updating.

We’re looking at you Art Department; the Mad Potter’s Tea Party has been over since 2005.

(Raquel Martinez / Special to the Roundup)

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