Student Affairs Committee

Gary Moratz / Roundup

    Should the Associated Students Organization have full authority to approve student rep fees? This was one of the proposals brought before the Student Affairs Committee on Friday.
   The question of who should have the right to approve the rep fees was up for discussion and clarification. The committee stated that most students don’t know that the fee exists and don’t know what they can be used for.
   This agenda item has been tabled until the next regular meeting on May 22. This will give Vice Chancellor John Clerx time to bring the matter before the Los Angeles Community College District Board of Trustees for further clarification.
   Another issue discussed was student disciplinary actions. It was agreed that all actions for a 10 day suspension must go before the disciplinary board prior to the suspension unless it is a life threatening matter.  This is clearly defined under the “Education code” and will be further discussed at the next meeting.
   There is a difference between students who hold an elected office and can be suspended from just ASO participation and actual suspension from school.  If an elected ASO member shows unacceptable conduct that is regulated by the code of conduct for ASO members, then the member would go before the disciplinary board for a ruling.
   The board also has the authority to expel the student if the conduct proved to be serious like harming another student.
   Who should the ASO clerk report to? The ASO pays for the clerk so should the ASO have the authority to hire and fire for that position? Currently the clerk reports to the advisory staff and they have full authority over that student worker.
   This will be brought to the LACCD board for a final ruling and the committee will be notified at the next meeting.
   The next meeting on May 22 at 9 a.m. will take place at the LACCD building at 811 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90017.

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