EDITORIAL: Campus Library needs longer hours

The approach of finals is a stressful time at Pierce College as students prepare for the end-of-the-semester crunch.

If the library remained open a few hours longer at night, more students would be able to utilize its services.

During finals week, the Oviatt Library at California State University, Northridge is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, allowing students to prepare.

While 24/7 might be a little excessive to keep a library open, extending the hours by just a little could benefit Pierce students.

The Library is planning to open either Saturday or Sunday — the exact day has not been determined yet — as in past semesters, said Florence Robin, library department chair.

Robin requested funding through the Associated Students Organization for a bigger budget to open both days of the weekend, instead of one, during finals.

Los Angeles Mission College and Valley College are open every Saturday to accommodate their students’ schedules.

Community college students often have varied work schedules and may find it difficult to benefit from the library’s current hours.

Pierce President Robert Garber said he is supportive of the library staying open longer, but that it was up to the staff to determine.

This year, it was not possible to fund both days because ASO had to work with a smaller budget, according to ASO adviser Brad Saenz.

If the library were to prolong its hours, students should take advantage of this.

A library without the cacophony of construction could be beneficial to students.

Not everyone finds the chatter at Starbucks conducive to a proper learning environment.

On a regular school day, computers and study rooms are used by many students on an almost constant basis. If the Pierce College Library could stay open for later hours, it would give many students the opportunity to prepare and study for one of the hardest weeks of the semester ? Finals Week. (Burke Bryant / Roundup)

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