Rear window broken on Olympic Drive

Arnavaz Fatemi / Roundup

Chemistry professor George Ogar’s back window was broken by an unidentified person Monday on Olympic Drive at Pierce College, but nothing was stolen.

“I don’t think I’ve made any enemies this semester, yet,” Ogar said jokingly. “It’s too early.”

“It could have been an accident or it could have just been a jerk,” said Officer Robert Figueroa, who was on the scene.

According to Figueroa, there have already been break-ins and thefts this semester to cars parked on Victory Boulevard.

Figueroa suggests not to leave valuables visible, including such items as GPS systems, cell phones and books.

Students also have their own ways to protect themselves from theft.

“Lock your doors and park close to people,” said Michael Gruberger, 19. “Also, put your stuff in your trunk.”

Other modes of transportation could be a sure way to not have your things stolen.

“Take a bus and have your stuff on you,” said Will Michelson, an 18-year-old Pierce student.

Officer Mike Shultz talks to Professor George Ogar of the chemistry department Monday after his car’s back window was broken. (Gerard Walsh / Roundup)