Campus maps need more work

The ability to navigate a campus that goes through never-ending change is essential. Recreating the updates in paper, poster or virtual formats can be challenging.

Pierce College has done a good job of not only updating the campus map, but also creating new maps to help ease students into new and changing areas around campus. ??

From reconstructed parking lots to new buildings and areas such as the village—the maps have helped reflect many changes, including those that have been overlooked over the years. ??

While it is understandable that maintaining these guides as easy to read for students as possible, the focus should not remain solely on helping students reach their classrooms and offices. ??

Ignoring important areas that could potentially save a life should not be an option.

Two-dozen call boxes can be found on the Pierce campus.  ??

While that number may surpass the amount of major maps available on campus—that does not make the emergency poles, presence on the map insignificant. ??

Providing information ahead of time would help better inform students, allowing for a chance to plan routes according to pathways equipped with emergency poles.

The amount of time between campus map updates has been reduced over the years. From changing every two years to updating the design two or three times yearly, the maps have gone through as many drastic changes as the campus itself.

A frequent update on the map is helpful and should be used in a more effective manner. The Mall Renovation and Entryways Project adds more opportunity for change. ??

The project would provide additional maps along the campus Mall in forms of monuments and providing the location of emergency poles to the new maps would only make them better.

L.A. Trade Technical College is the only school in the Los Angeles Community College District to currently provide students with a map that includes emergency poles.

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