Financial aid stability easier than imagined


College is supposed to be a time for furtherering one’s education and personal growth. But these days, it seems like college is more for mounting debt and unbridled anguish.

Few people can deny that times are tough. With the increase in tuition and the decrease in admissions, students are feeling the financial crisis more than most.

However, students may not be aware that funding their education may be easier than they think.

According to the Pierce College financial aid office, the average student’s tuition is $542 per semester, with books and supplies costing an average of $1,638.

In a report put out by last year, the average college student makes between $1,100 and $2,000 a year, which, without help, couldn’t cover the cost of a semester in college at Pierce, let alone a four-year school.

Students can file for financial aid, such as FAFSA or Cal Grants. These awards are based on financial need.

Unlike financial aid or student loans, scholarships are awarded to you, not to your economic situation.

Students are offered numerous shots at free money. So why don’t more people apply for the scholarships?

According to the financial aid office at California State University, Northridge, it comes down primarily to a combination of laziness and lack of awareness. 

The laziness comes into play when students find a scholarship that suits them, but don’t want to write an essay or a resume, or fill out a long form. So, they don’t do it. Isn’t a simple questionnaire or one-page paper worth the thousands of dollars in return?

Many students simply don’t know where to look for scholarships. Luckily, we have a campus office that deals specifically with scholarships and offers a list of local scholarships and resources on its Web site.

The Pierce financial aid office is located in the Student Services Building.

Websites like, Wired Scholar and College Board help students of all ages, races and career goals to find the scholarships that apply to them.

This means that not only is finding and applying for scholarships easy, but there are also a lot of options.

Scholarships are a great way to get paid for being who you are and funding your education at the same time.

There is hope in these difficult times, and it’s only a form or an essay away.

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