Muslim Student Association angered by ASO’s actions

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In what was supposed to be a regularly scheduled meeting of the Associated Students Organization on Dec.1 turned into a music playing “Kill an Infidel day” for the ASO.

ASO vice president Chris Suard played Busta Rhymes “Arab Money”, Lily Allen’s “Fuck You” and said it was “Kill an Infidel day.”

Suard announced at the start of the Senate meeting that they would not be taking role or voting on any matters at this meeting.

Suard then played British pop singer Lily Allen’s “Fuck You” to honor the U.C. online system.

Suard told a story about how he and other ASO members where filling out applications when the system crashed and they could not get into the site. He then played the chorus that repeated the title of the song several times along with the words very much.

After the Lily Allen song was played, Suard played Busta Rhymes’ “Arab Money.”

Before Suard played the song, he said it was “National Kill an Infidel day.” Busta Rhymes is an American Hip-hop icon.

When the playing of “Arab Money” was concluded, ASO Public Welfare committee chair Amr Abushami stood and gave his weekly report while donned in traditional Middle-Eastern garb.

Suard denied requested comment on the music and word choice because he said it was not an official meeting, and no agenda was posted.

The comments made at the meeting have come under fire from the Muslim Student Association (MSA), a student club of the ASO.

MSA faculty advisor Kassem Nabulsi has “condemned” the actions that took place. “I never thought (that) such a thing would happen on campus.”

“I’m not sure what kind of joke this was, but I will get to the bottom of this,” said Nabulsi. ASO president Shani Simms noted that many students were upset because of the U.C. Web site crashing hours before the scheduled deadline.

“(Chris) thought students would relate to his frustration,” Simms explained “The song that was played was meant as a joke, not to offend.”

In regards to the “Kill an infidel” comment, Simms explained that the motive behind the joke was playful.

“It was an inside joke stemming from Chris and his best friend,” said Simms. According to Simms they (Suard and friend) were telling a joke made famous by comedian Jeff Dunham’s famous character “Achmed the Dead Terrorist.”

“Chris is a vice president who tries to keep things fun,” said Simms.

“Under the Brown Act any time the majority of the ASG (ASO) officers come together to hear, discuss or deliberate a campus issue, it is defined as a meeting,” as stated in Sacramento City College’s Associated Student Government’s Web site “All meetings of governing bodies must be open to the public.”

“The agenda should be posted 72 hours in advance of the meeting in a location that is regularly accessible to the public. Agendas should include a brief description (20 words or less) of each item being discussed.” All information on the Brown act acquired from web.scc.

ASO advisor Brad Saenz added to Suard comments by saying it was not a typical ASO meeting.

“Traditionally what we do is if there is no agenda posted we have no meeting, we stick around socialize, give reports whatever,” said Saenz.

Saenz only remembers hearing the first song (Lilly Allen’s). “From my understanding, it was Chris’ response to his frustration from the U.C. system crashing,” said Saenz “That’s a little questionable. You know Chris is a grown man he can do whatever he wants. He has freedom of speech,” said Saenz.

Saenz also admitted that he was waiting for complaints but did not receive any. “We probably don’t really need to be discussing the U.C. website,” said Saenz. Saenz also said ASO has procedures to deal with complaints. Saenz said they take the report and take it to the people on campus.

Saenz also said he did not hear Suard say, “Kill an Infidel day.”

Before the ASO senate meeting Suard said that he is fine with what he said.

“I’m friends with the MSA president (Abdus Samee Siddiqui) and the MSA advisor (Kassem Nabulsi),” said Suard During the meeting, the ASO displayed the original story and Suard read it aloud to senators.

“I apologize on behalf of ASO to anyone who was offended,” said Simms in a phone interview.

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