Pierce can’t overcome Compton

Andre Fuller/Tyler McGee/Roundupnews


The Men’s basketball team lost Tuesday in a road game versus the El Camino College Compton Tartars 65-54.
The TarTars would go on a 16 minute scoring run spanning the first and second halves. During that stretch Pierce was outscored 21-11 by Compton.
The Tartar’s point guard La’Von Myers had a game high 31 points.
“I think I’m one of the best Point guards in the nation,” said Myers, 22.
Meyers is averaging 27.72 points and 5.7 assists per game.
Meyer’s hard work doesn’t come as a surprise to first year head coach Keith Higgins as his point guard lost 26 points in the summer to get ready for the season.
“He’s a late bloomer,” said Higgins, who spent the last eight years at Reseda High School.  “He came to me for help and he has blossomed.”
Pierce would be down at the half to Compton with a score of 38-24.
Pierce would answer by going on a 14-4 run bringing them within 10 points.
With nine minutes to go in the game Pierce was only down by eight points.
A comeback would not be in the cards as the Tartars survived the Brahma scoring run. Compton finished off the game with a 65-54 win over the Brahmas.
“We didn’t play hard,” said Pierce assistant coach Sean Edwardsen.
“We didn’t want it, “said Edwardsen talking about the team’s performance.
The Brahmas record now stands at 4-7. Next up for Pierce is the Citrus Classic Tournament Dec.28-30.





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