Dublin’s Irish Bar and Grill

Coburn Palmer


Dublin’s Irish Bar and Grill located next to CSUN is a great student hang out. Its location is key for students being conveniently located next to campus for a short walk, a liquor store where you can buy cigarettes and a laundromat so you can get a drink while doing laundry.

You might find yourself feeling inspired to go visit the actual Dublin once you’ve visited this place. Dublin’s Irish Bar and Grill is only a small taste of what Dublin actually has to offer and it would be a shame to not go.

So why not treat yourself, go buy those tickets, pack your bags, don’t forget to learn about public transport in Dublin, and take some time off from your studies. It might even be a good idea to go to Dublin after you’ve finished your exams – that way you have something to look forward to.

The house beer Dublin Ale is an excellent brew best described as crisp medium ale. It sells for $2 a pint and $12 a pitcher. Their specials also include $2 well shots and $5 jack and cokes.

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