French Club Film Festival

Kevin Reynolds


The French Club hosted the opening day of their film festival “The ToureEs Festival” on Nov. 9thin the Great Hall.

The first day of the festival kicked off at 3p.m. with the movie “Coco Avant de Chanel”. The movie tells the story of the life of famous designer Coco Chanel before she hit the big time in the fashion world.

Admission to film cost $1 and another $1 for drinks or popcorn. All students and faculty are welcome.

Funds for Festival come from bake sales held by the club as well as money from the A.S.O. according to clubs Vice President Dustin Rabi.

“We were approved for $1,300 from the A.S.O,” said Jonathan Fackler club Treasurer “but the Academic Senate denied the request due to budgetary restrictions.”

The Academic Senate is considering a allowing the clubs to seek corporate sponsorship. The company would donate to the club of there choice and receive a tax break according to Fackler.

The French Club is still fairly new to Pierce College, opening only in the Fall of 2009. They are still striving to be known by students.

“What we really want to do is destroy the stereotypes about French culture,” said Rabi “A lot of people have a very negative perception of the French.”

The club is fighting to promote multicultural understanding. The movies chosen for the festival were picked because they are not just a celebration of French culture but also a representation of cross cultural acceptance according to Fackler.

The next film of the festival “Indigenes” will be hosted on Nov. 10that 3pm in the Great Hall. And the 3rdwill be “Reves de Poussie Re” hosted on Nov. 19that 3p.m also located in the Great Hall.

Sylvie Young the French Advisor said that in the future they want to be able to sponsor some students to study abroad in France.

Also with help from other clubs and approval from the A.S.O the French club would like to create a “Club Olympics” where each club could compete in physical as well as academic challenges according to Young.

“Something we really value here at Pierce that there are so many different cultures,” said Fackler “It’s one big divers melting pot.”

The turnout for the opening day was not very big. Rabi believed it was due to lack of proper advertising and feels their will be a much larger turn out for the rest of the festival.

“The beauty of these films could apply the themes to everything.” said Rabi


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