A sneak peek at ‘Christmas Carol’

“A Christmas Carol” returns to the Pierce College theater department for first time this decade on December 3rd according to Michael Sande Theater Manager.

Even though other than Shakespeare this is the most produced play in America, this is only the 3rd time this play has been performed at Pierce College according to Sande.

Auditions for the play took place on August 9th and 10th in the performing arts building. Out of the 25 who auditioned a 12 person cast has been decided upon.

The final cast was chosen two weeks ago. The first day of rehearsals was last week. Rozsa Horvath now Adjunct Professor of Theater who had retired from Pierce College as of June 8th has returned to direct this play.

She has also come back on staff as an hourly hire and will be teaching a directing class next semester. “I saw this play performed in San Diego last year,” said Horvath.

“What I loved about it, is that it is quick one act play and still fills you with the spirit of Christmas.” This new adaptation written by Jaqueline Goldfinger produced last year in San Diego is said to be more true to the original story, with a run time of 70 minutes without an intermission. “This Play is meaningful to everyone,” said Sande.

“It goes beyond Christmas itself; it’s the classic tale of redemption.

“I Believe that this play helps people get into the Christmas spirit,” said Carlo Inzerella a former Pierce College student who enrolled to play Nephew Fred ” and  I couldn’t resist an opportunity to come and work with Rozsa again.”

Izerella was in a previous performance of “A Christmas Carol” at Pierce College 14 years ago. He said this adaptation is very clean and quick without muddling the story.

“I love that this gives the acters a chance to play multiple characters,” said Liza Miranda a 20-year-old full time theater arts major who is playing the role of Belle” I really wanted this, you don’t get a lot of chances to do a one act play.”

“Even if you’ve seen this play before this is version they haven’t seen,” said Horvath “people should come anyway if they want to get into the spirit of Christmas. Rehearsals will be held in room 3538 in the theater arts department 4-5 days a week.

The theater is being performed in, is a small venue only holding 100 people with only 7 shows being performed, Sande suggest those who want tickets buy early before they sell out.  Ticket are available at Pierce College box office, which can be reached at 818-719-6488. Tickets will go for $12 for students and seniors, and $15 to the general public.

The cast of “Christmas Carol” performs a dress rehearsal that took place on Monday inside room 3538 of the Performing Arts Building. (Lorena Perez- Valladares)

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