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French Club

Rodrigo Carbonel


Bienvenus au club de français. The Pierce College French club had its first meeting of the semester Thursday at the village in room 8102.


During this meeting, club officials introduced themselves, welcomed new and returning members, and discussed a to-do list of the activities planned for the Spring semester.

These activities will include bowling nights, hiking trips, beach days, picnics, as well as a bake sale which is being planned for next Tuesday at the campus mall.


A Mardi Gras festival is also being planned to help promote interaction among students from different cultures and ethnicities.


It will take place on March 8th, so it coincides with the original festival celebrated in New Orleans.


“The main focus of the club this semester will be to promote diversity not only among people interested in the French culture but for every single student.” said club president Gabriel Mellibosky.


Madam Young hopes students will find a united community among themselves and help promote diversity on campus.


“It warms my heart, it feels wonderful,” answered Madam Sylvie Young who is entering her third semester as club advisor.


There will be a trip to the Getty Museum to attend an event called “Paris Looks and Luxury,” in which students will have the opportunity to immerse themselves even more deeply into the French culture.


Every three meetings, the French club will have something called “French immersion”, which means that the members of the club can only express themselves in French.


Club members who are more fluent in French will help other members so they can participate as well as learn the language of love.


The French club will be offering a $500 scholarship to any French student at Pierce who is interested in going to France next summer, according to club officials.


Students do not have to be members of the club to apply for this fantastic opportunity but they have to be French language students.


“I was looking to meet people who shared my same passion and admiration for the French culture.  I’m excited I found this group and about how this semester is going to turn out,” said Julio Choy, French student and newest member of the club.


The French club will meet every Thursday from 12:45 p.m. to 1:45 p.m. in the village in room 8102.

Treasurer of the French club Jonathan Fackler writes down ideas for their French Club which was held in Room 8102 of the Village at Pierce College Woodland Hills, Calif. on Thursday Feb. 17, 2011. (Jose Romero 2011)

The French Club Poses for a group photo after their first meeting which was held in Room 8102 of the Village at Pierce College Woodland Hills, Calif. on Thursday Feb. 17, 2011. (Jose Romero)

Rodrigo Carbonel
Roundup Sports Editor Spring 2012

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