Faculty Guild meeting looks ahead to June elections

Kevin Reynolds / Roundup

The Los Angeles College Faculty Guild, a branch of the American Federation of Teachers (AFT), met on Thursday Feb. 17 in the Great Hall to discuss current budget problems and possible solutions.

These monthly meetings are hosted by Don Sparks, professor of physics and astronomy, and the AFT faculty union chapter president. The point of these meetings is to give teachers a chance to ask questions about what is currently happening on the administration level.

“The main thing we wanted to get across today was that we need to get the June election ballots to go through,” said Sparks. “We need to maintain the current taxes we have, that will take care of half of our budget cuts.”

Without passing the June initiative, it may become more difficult to get into classes according to Kathy Holland, adjunct professor of political science.

“There will be cuts,” said Holland. “But until we know the outcome of the June elections, we won’t know how much or from where.”

Students should wait to make any changes to there educational plans until after the June elections, according to Mitra Hoshiar, sociology professor and guild member.

“If the June ballot measures don’t pass, it may become more difficult for students to get classes,” said Holland. “But it’s important for students to know that they can still get an education.”

There will be cuts in our schedule with less winter and summer courses offered, according to Holland. She encourages students to plan accordingly.

“I know it’s hard to vote for something that will increase taxes,” said David Schamus, assistant professor of computer sciences. “But the benefits are an excellent quality, low-cost education.”


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