The Cafe in the Park searches for food

Kevin Reynolds / Roundup


Pierce College’s Café in the Park hit a snag when Bruce’s Catering tendered their resignation weeks ago.

The College has been looking to replace the catering company since receiving two-week notice from its operators, but have been unsuccessful so far, according to Associate Vice President Larry Kraus.

“We are currently in talks with several catering companies but have yet to come to a decision,” said Kraus.

There is still food available on campus at the Freudian Sip and a hot dog stand near the Business building.

Many students are dreading the loss of the outdoor café.

“I hope that they get something here soon,” said Jennifer Hyde, a 23-year-old philosophy major. “I’m on campus all day on Mondays, and I hate having to leave to get food between classes.”

There were numerous reasons for the loss of the Café in the Park, most important of which was reportedly low sales numbers, according to Kraus. Bruce’s Catering refused to comment.

“We are really just getting our feet wet with this whole thing,” said Kraus. “We thought more people would use the service.”

The construction plans for the new cafeteria are estimated to take upwards of two years.

“I just wish they’d hurry up,” said Jason Prepton, a 19-year-old music major. “I mean, I like the outside café alright, but the closer we get to summer the less I think I’m going to like it.”

Not all students on campus, however, are as disappointed with the loss of the catering truck as others.

“They weren’t very good,” said Jeremy Vandyke, a 30-year-old history major. “I’d rather eat the stale pizza at the sip then eat off a roach coach.”

Larry Kraus hosted meetings with several catering companies on Monday Feb. 28, and a new catering service will be approved soon.


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