Volleyball team off to great start

Navid Khoi

The Pierce College men’s volleyball team improved their record to 7-2 after winning in four sets at Santa Monica College Friday night.


“Those guys didn’t go down without a fight,” said Pierce Head Coach Eddie Stanislawski. “I was scared until they blew the whistle and the game was over.”


Pierce started off strong in the first set, and ended up winning by a score of 25-21.


“We were definitely leaning on our middles in this game, and they did their jobs from the beginning of the game,” said Stanslawski.


Santa Monica won the second set, 26-24, knowing that losing both of the first two sets could lead to an early end to the game.


The key set of the game was the third, where both teams were vying for crucial momentum that would decide the outcome of the game.


The third set was a back-and-forth battle, with both teams giving it everything they had.


“I think [the third set] was a momentum changer,” said Stanslawski.


The players also reaffirmed that sentiment during post game interviews.


“Winning the third set definitely gave us the momentum and slowed SMC down a little bit,” said Sophomore Andrew Pitters.


Pierce was down 24-23 in the third set when Hayk Sargsyan dove to the floor in an effort to keep the ball in play so that Pierce could tie the score, 24-24.


Sargsyan got the winning kill on interference by Santa Monica to win the third set 26-24.


“It was a tight game, so losing the third set definitely hurt us,” said Santa Monica Head Coach John Mayer.


Santa Monica came out the gates strong in the fourth set to gain a 7-3 lead, knowing that they needed to win the fourth to even force a fifth set.


“The fourth was tight too; both teams knew this wasn’t going to be easy,” said Mayer.


Pierce showed their will to win the game by coming back and winning the fourth set, 25-23.


“We always have our ups and downs, but so far we have a way of coming out of these slumps,” said Pitters.


Hayk Saragsyan led the team with 16 kills, and Jon Suisa had 10 kills in their win against SMC.


“Pierce is one of the best teams out there,” said Mayer, a former Pierce College volleyball player.


Head Coach Eddie Stanislawski is pleased with the Brahmas’ 7-2 start to the season and hopes they keep it up.


“For where we are at in the season, I’m confident with what we are doing.” Said Stanislawski.


The Brahmas next game will be hosting Moorpark at home in the South Gym Wednesday at 7:00 p.m.

Pierce players successfully double block offensive strike attempts from Santa Barbra’s players during the game in the North Gym. Pierce won the game with the 5th set 15-11. Woodland Hills, Calif. March.9, 2011 (John A. Gutierrez 2011)

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