Percussionists Brad Dutz and Chris Wabich performs at Pierce

Two well-known percussionists performed and gave a lecture describing their method and process of composing music during the afternoon concert Thursday March 24 at the Piece College Performing Arts Building.


Brad Dutz and Chris Wabich have been playing for more than 4 decades, between the both of them.


Dutz attended the University of North Texas. He has recorded 10 solo albums and collaborated with many mainstream artist within the industry.


“I’ve been playing for more then 40 years,” said Dutz, percussionist. “I started with the Cello during fifth grade.”


Dutz’s work has also been featured in TV shows such as Family Guy, Rugrats and Transformers.


Wabich has three degrees in music and has worked with Jazz legend Jeff Hamilton. Wabich has also recorded records with artist such as Ludacris and Alex Acuna.


He began playing by making his own drum set out of cardboard at the age of 7, and has now been playing for more than 35 years.


One of his favorite musicians is Ivo Papazov.


Wabich has worked on TV shows such as American Idol and Malcolm in the Middle, but mentioned that there is no feeling that compares to performing on stage.


“When I’m playing in a concert, it’s everything to me,” said Wabich. “Easy or hard, fun or serious, it’s just everything to me.”


Some Pierce students could relate on a personal level to the passion that Wabich has about performing.


“My dad is drummer, so I know a little bit about percussion,” said Asael Martinez, a 20-year-old Pierce student. “This [the performance] was on a different level.


There is no concert scheduled for Thursday March 31, but the series will resume Thursday April 7, at 12:45 p.m. in the Dow Arena Theater. Admission is free.


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