Pierce make preparations for 10% cut

The Pierce College budget comities will have their work cut out for them preparing for a 10-percent cut, according to Pierce College President Kathleen Burke-Kelly.

The LACCD was originally planning for a 5-percent budget cut in the hopes of Governor Brown’s proposed ballot measure passing in a June special election.

However, Brown was unable to convince a minimum of four Republican Senators to agree to place the measure on the ballet.

Now, the community college district is asking every college to make a 10-percent cut across the board.

“The district is losing $25-million in revenue,” said Burke-Kelly in a town hall style meeting hosted in the Great Hall on Thursday May 5.

Burke-Kelly opened the floor up for suggestions and questions to the audience.

Students from the animal science department asked if there were more community events that might be hosted on campus to increase revenue.

“There are a lot of things going on,” said Vice President of student services Joy McCaslin. “Pierce has always allowed location shoots for movies, Television, and commercials for a fee.”

Pierce is also making an effort to take steps to increase savings. One such example is the solar panels being installed in parking lots 1 and 8.

If cuts aren’t made soon some Fall Semester classes that are already enrolled may have to be cut, according to Burke-Kelly.

“This is the perfect time for Pierce College to look at it’s mission,” said Burke-Kelly. “Because we are going into the accreditation cycle to review the mission.”

Pierce College is now trying to figure out what programs it wants to continue and what programs it needs to cut according to Burke-Kelly.


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