Day one melts students

first day of school
Students gather outside the Sip. Jose Romero/Roundup

The extreme heat is only one frustrating aspect of the first day of the Fall semester while students navigate their way around campus, in hopes of enrolling into classes.

Some Pierce students are taking advantage of the resources provided by the college.

The Outreach and Recruitment Department setup two tents on campus (one near the Student Services Building and the other located in Lot 7, near the Mason entrance) where they served as an extension of the Information Desk.

“We’ve been out here since 7 a.m. and we will be here until 7 p.m.,” said Rosario Carachure, Outreach Coordinator.  “The most common question I’ve been asked to day is ‘Can you help me find my class?’.”

Carachure will setup a third tent tomorrow August 30 that will be located near the Village, between the North and South Gyms as a result of the high demand for their services.

Sarah  Masresha, an 18-year-old first time Freshman,  adapted to the 97 degree heat but did not expect to find so many students wanting to add classes.

“The heat is overwhelming of course but I’m use to it, I’m from the Valley, but I’m disappointed that I did I was only able to add one of the four class that I want to take” said Masresha.  “One of my class had double the amount of students trying to add than the amount of student that were actually enrolled.”

Some students were able to avoid the process of adding courses.

“Other than this heat, my day is going smooth,” said 20-year-old Mark Eastman.  “I was able to register for all four of my classes two months ago but I feel sorry for all the students who have to add, my English class had about 50 people who wanted to add the course.


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