Construction delays in north of mall area


The construction of the North of mall area at Pierce College is suffering delays that may push completion back to the third quarter of next year, according to Project Deputy Director Ed Cadena.


Construction that was scheduled to be finished by this coming spring semester has been delayed due to construction issues.


While on the other end of campus, the Horticulture area is still unusable due to issues with JD Diffenbaugh, the construction company hired for the job.


JD Diffenbaugh informed Pierce that they would be unable to finish performance under the contract because their surety company would not be wiling to provide payment or performance bonds.


“We are looking for a different entity to finish the project,” said Cadena. “We are in discussion with some of the proposers for an assignment of contract.”


The buildings in the North of mall area that went up in the 1960’s followed different fire codes than those used today.


When the plans for the new building were made they didn’t take that into account and they were denied, according to Tom Rosdahl President of the academic senate and instructor of automotive services.


“While doing the construction some different things were revealed,” said Cadena. “The solutions have to be approved be D.S.A (Division of State Architect).”


The project was approaching its 10 percent limit to make change orders under the current contract. Once that limit is reached all work would be stopped.


The project director’s office requested that the Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD) cancel the project for convenience, according to Cadena.


“The determination of that end point is being determined,” said Cadena.


The construction is currently finishing phase one of a two-phase process. The first phase should be finished by the third quarter of next year according to Cadena.


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