Smart rooms coming to Pierce

Construction will begin Monday on the Agriculture and Science buildings next to parking lot 8.

H.A. Nickels will be the contractor for this project, according to announcement made at the Pierce College Council meeting (PCC).

These buildings will not exceed the budget, according to Project Deputy Director Ed Cadena.

“Long anticipation for the horticulture project, happy to report that we are in discussion with a design/build team to take on that project,” said Ed Cadena.

This project will be brought to the board in either November or December of this year. If approved, actions will begin to take place to help reconstruct the horticulture area.

While some projects are just beginning other structures are half way to being completed.

The PCC is now focusing on the interior of the buildings next to the mall across from the Student Community Center and the Library.

The creation of these smart rooms is going to renovate the areas to make more technology-focused classrooms. Smart rooms will all have a projector and computers for the students in each room.

“Some smart rooms will have an interactive white board that will connect to the professor’s computer,” said Associate Vice President Bruce Rosky.

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