Teacher feature: new faculty on campus

Kaycea Campbell

When Kaycea Campbell, one of Pierce College’s new Economics professors, isn’t on campus, you might find her cruising the streets on her Harley Sportster.

This fun-loving professor, who leaves her motorcycle at home when she comes to work, obtained her master’s degree in economics at the University of Southern California (USC), and is currently pursing her doctorate in economics at Claremont University.

Campbell believes in how beneficial understanding economics is, saying, “Most students leave the class with a better understanding in terms of their own personal decision making; and they’re more informed consumers and individuals overall.”

Jacob Veiga

For students who are nervous about taking a math class this semester,  Jacob Veiga, new math professor, assures wary learners that, “a lot can be accomplished with a little hard work.”

Veiga finds ways to apply his love of math to his everyday life, for example, with his love of sports. A couple of his favorite teams include the Oakland A’s and the San Francisco 49’ers.

“I’m a really big sports fan, and that’s sort of fun for me because there’s some crossover between math and doing statistics,” said Veiga. “I like baseball, football and all the other fantasy sports and you can use the math to some degree to quantify things.”

Denise Robb

Prior to receiving her doctorate in political science at University of California Irvine and being a political science professor at Pierce College, Denise Robb began her career as an actress and comedian, appearing on channels like A&E, Lifetime, Comedy Central and MTV.

Most of the routines she wrote and performed included political jokes with Robb saying, “I decided teaching was combining what I love, which is being in front of people and being funny gets their attention… I was actually using comedy to support my teaching habit the way actors use waiting tables.”

Phyllis Schneider

The Pierce College Child Development Center welcomes Phyllis Schneider as its new director.

With over 25 years of child development experience, Schneider is glad to be part of the new state of the art facility saying, “When this position became available, I was interested in doing this because of Pierce’s reputation.”

Aside from being the “mom” of the center, as she calls herself, she also loves music, movies and yoga.

“I have to admit I had to give up some yoga classes to take this job,” said Schneider. “I am getting my workout walking around the Pierce campus.”

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