Con: DREAM Act

Before we begin, let me share something: It is better to earn your need than to ask for it.

Many opposed to the DREAM Act, and some reasons are because it’s fraudulent; politicians are supporting it just to gain votes.

In addition, it’s an invitation, not only for more illegal immigrants but for people who are having economic problems to get to the U.S.

It’s also rewarding illegal immigrants not only for trespassing but for just being here; unemployed, without rights to vote and an aimless productivity.

As commonly done, requirements presented qualify and narrow the “good” students.

But it only narrows down to get the good students, and it does not create or exchanges any beneficial outcomes for the state, and the few benefits mentioned are just speculations.

The act also swindles on law-abiding citizen who do taxes.

The Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) calls the act, “a bad idea at the worst possible time.”

In addition a quote from an article the President Dan Stein from FAIR said, “Once again, Congress is ignoring the interests and concerns of hard-working, law-abiding Americans in order to reward illegal immigrants and pander to the illegal alien lobby. Even as American families are struggling, and nearly every state is facing a budget crisis, Congress is prepared to mandate huge additional burdens in the form of a massive illegal alien amnesty.”

Moreover, we live in an economic crisis. I mean the nation is having their own problems to keep a stable economy.

And should be thinking about solving anybody else’s.

But for some reason the government decides to deal with the foreign problems.

I also think that is some type of posture from any politician supporting the act, like President Barack Obama did to gain the votes from the Hispanic community so he could win the presidency.

Once again, the politician favoring the act is only using for personal benefits, so they later abandon the project.

An article online had quote from columnist George Will saying that the we are importing poverty from other countries.

Thereby, poor people from other countries are coming here because the money they made here is a fortune, compared from where they come.

Furthermore, the more income they make, the most likely they are going to send it to their native country.

And this is where the word remittance takes form.

Illegal immigrants come to the U.S. to make or ask for money (example welfare, financial aid or any dream acts.)

So they can send it to their countries to help it develop even more.

Why? because of the high levels of corruption that impede anyone to offer wealth to the economy.

It only helps, if it helps back; because in the difficult times We all live in.

We can only hope it’s fair, beneficial and productive to each and everyone.


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