Students would feel safer by having more video cameras on campus

When a student goes to school they do not want to see it covered with armed policemen everywhere they go as though it is a prison. Cameras are a lot less noticeable then policemen. Though cameras are not able to fight back as a police officer can, they offer so much more to make up for that minor setback.

A camera can be small and hidden, so more crimes will be caught without knowing they are being watched. Cameras catch everything that goes on, but a policeman is only able to be efficient if a crime is reported. For example, a person who is attacked on campus and is helpless against the attacker would never get emergency help unless there was a camera recording the incident.

Cameras around campus are extremely efficient, as they maintain surveillance over a large area. The cameras would be implemented to protect property and above all to ensure the safety of the general public.

The price of paying a police man to stand at a post is a lot more expensive than the overall cost benefit of camera installation. According to “,” expected salary for a typical campus police lieutenant in the United States is $57,241 a year. The average price of a security camera is between $200 to $1,700 dollars. A policeman’s annual salary is the equivalence of anywhere between 33 to 286 security camera units depending on the price.

Having this type of surveillance protection also creates a file archive that would be useful to provide evidence of past crimes. The data filmed by a camera has a lot more validity than a witness’s words. By being filmed there is a photo of the culprit.

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