Meet Your Major event draws crowd

A wide range of majors where exhibited Wednesday by the major departments at Pierce College during the Meet Your Major fair.

The event, which began at 10 a.m. in the Great Hall, was organized to help students who are still undecided on their major.

From economics to anthropology, each exhibition guided students and explained what each major offers and what are the first steps before getting started.

It was a full house at the opening of the event. Food, candy and freebies where handed out to those who attended.

Freshman Edelyn Rojo, 18, visited the event because she doesn’t know what her major will be.

“I’m kind of testing the waters and going around on some exhibitions,” she said.

The event was open to the public.

ASL interpreters were also available at the event, which ran until 1 p.m.

“Students benefit by getting different major information options, also learning that a major can lead to many different careers,” Johanna Zimiring Towne, Career Services director said. “Students also find options that [they] aren’t aware of.”

At the event students were given an attendance application that they later turned in for a slice of either pepperoni or cheese pizza.

A digital camera and three $25 gift cards were also raffled off at the event.

Many went to the event to explore their major, as in this case: English major Angie Perez, 20, who went to the event just to find out what else the English department offered. She was also looking for classes such as Creative Writing.

“I don’t know about my major, but I do know I want to work in international relation and for the government,” said Habib Kumil, 17, who is currently taking three courses at Pierce.

The event was promoted through e-mails and posters, as well as spreading the word, said Towne.

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