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ASO 2011/2012 budget

ASO Operations

ASO Supplies                                             2500

ASO President Expenses                              250

ASO Travel Expenses                                  10,000

ASO Pulicity Committee                               3,000

ASO Elections                                             1,500

ASO Equipment                                             3,000

Total                                                                        20,250

Conference Attendance

ASO Retreat                                                          2,000


Editor’s Choice                                           200

Eleany Busta Outstanding ASO                     850

Service Award

ASO Outstanding Student                            850

ASO Outstanding Teacher                            550

President’s Honor List Reception                   5,500

Anne Gelvoria Memorial Scholarship             850

Michelle Smith Memorial Scholarship             850

ASO President’s Award                                850

Computer Applications & Office Tech.           650

Total                                                                     11,150



EOP&S Awards Ceremony                           1,000


Students Services

Pierce College Commencement Activities      14,000

Business Office Supplies & Overhead            5,000

ASO Clerk Salary                                        9,000

ASO Advisor                                                500

ASO Emergency Expenses                           28,000

Total                                                                       57,500


Cultural, Artistic & Literary Support

ASO Social Cultural Committee                    5,000

Pierce College Art Gallery                            3,000

Direction Open Mic, Fall                               200

ASO Sponsored Afternoon Concerts              5,000

Direction Open Mic Reading II, Spring            200

Printing Direction                                         2,000

Photography Competition & Exhibit               1,000

French Mardi Gras Celebration                     300

Multi-Cultural Day                                        250

International Day                                       1,000

Artworld Perspectives                                  400

Total                                                                      18,350

Club and Community Support

ASO Club Days                                           4,000

ASO Public Welfare Committee                    1000

International Student Orientation                 1500

Pierce College Dance Club                           3000

The Philosopher’s Cabaret                           250

Leadership Club Orientation                         600

ISS Peer Mentor Program                            250

Training & Lunch

Total                                                                     10,600


Co-Curricular and Extracurricular Support

Student Generated At Exhibit                      500

Visual Arts Series                                      1000

Pierce Cheer Squad                                    800

HIV/AIDS Awareness Week                         1000

(Fall & Spring)

Library Weekend Hours During Finals            1700

Library Materials                                        7000

Anthropology Lecture Series                       900

AMATYC Student Math League                      350


Meet Your Major Fair                                   500

Department of the Month                              700

Summer Bridge 2011                                  1000

Financial Aid Awareness                               500

Pierce College Welcome Day                        1500

Campus Child Development Center                2500

University Day                                               900

UCLA/CSUN Day                                           400

Total                                                                     21,250


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