Pierce to add 42 new sessions

Pierce will add 42 new sessions of speech, math and English classes for the Spring semester.

There has been pent up demand for these classes due to the large number of transfer students at the college, according to Anna Davies, vice president of academic affairs.

There will be more than 1,000 seats available for English and math classes combined, said Davies.

The new classes will include English 101 and Speech 101 classes as well as math classes from 125 and higher levels that can transfer, said Davies.

The new sessions are not going to be extra classes, but rather they are classes taken away from other departments.

The reshuffling of priorities occurred as the college administration worked to lower barriers for transfers students and open the pipeline for students wishing to complete their general education requirements and transfer to a four-year institution.

California’s budget crisis has forced community college’s across the state, including Pierce, to slash their class offerings, thereby angering and frustrating many students hoping to transfer.

Pierce students responded recently by staging a rally in Rocky Young Park, which then moved to march down Victory Boulevard to protest the slashed education budget.

The spring schedule of classes became available online Friday.

Contributing:  Yajayra Gil







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