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Upcoming geographic information system day


Students interested in pursuing a career in law enforcement, real estate, marketing and a variety of other businesses are welcome to attend the Geographic Information System (GIS) Day at the Great Hall Tuesday, November 15 from 9:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.

GIS is a type of software that helps users analyze and understand data like demographics and other human activity. Pierce College is the only campus in the Los Angeles Community College District that offers a GIS certificate program.

“By hosting GIS Day at Pierce, we hope to expose our faculty, staff and students to this cutting edge technology,” said Adrian Youhanna, assistant professor of Geography and GIS. “This will be the first time Pierce College has hosted GIS Day and our department is very much looking forward to this event.

Guest speakers that work directly with GIS will be at the event along with booths that students will be able to learn more about how to apply the software to real world situations.

“I think this day can help not just geographers, but many different disciplines and hopefully inspire students and get them interested because it’s an up and coming technology,” said Jason Finley, assistant professor of Geography and Meteorology.


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