Rallies are pointless


Occupy Los Angeles and other rallies such as the Where’s the Funding (WTF) rally are nothing more than an excuse for people to skip out on responsibilities and party in the street.

The message that is supposedly being relayed through this “protest” is that we the people are tired of the “injustices” that are happening around us everyday. From school budget cuts here on campus, to government spending down at city hall.

And I will agree that many things need to change, there are severe problems with the way or school and our country is being run. And solutions need to be found.

However, these organizations, if they can be called such considering there total lack of organization, have no solutions to offer.

Occupy L.A. has created a website that has a document they call their declaration that list their complaints. The problem is the document only state complaints with no solutions.

The masses gather in the streets in cities across the country. A large group of people have occupied the street in from of City Hall here in L.A.

This group in L.A is ridiculous. One only needs to travel downtown to see the uselessness of these “protestors” actions.

They sleep in tents while smoking marijuana all day and dancing to techno music in the streets.

This is how they think they will fix our counties woes? This is how they believe they will convince the government to take action?

It’s enough to make one’s head reel. It’s as if the 1960’s have returned and the people have forgotten that partying in the street doesn’t work.

The WTF rally here at Pierce College wasn’t much better. Granted they weren’t getting high (as far as anyone could see) but there was no planning, nobody attending, and they had no effect.

Half the people I personally spoke to at the WTF rally didn’t even know why they were there. Most of them said they were only there because they liked the name.

If you wish to protest you need to boycott businesses, stand united against the organization you are opposing by preventing them from continuing to benefit from your business.

Enter classrooms and speak to students about the importance of voting. Talk to them on the Mall area about staying informed of politics and how they effect them.

Getting high and dancing will not change anything. Hosting a rally that boast a staggering 150 people that march down half a block will not change anything.

Many who claim to be helping downtown at Occupy L.A. merely showed up to be a part of the crowd, with no real sense why the movement matters.

Many show up and hold up a sign for their friends to take pictures to be posted on Facebook. Then they put down their signs and go back home.

Without a clear message and without solutions to offer these movements is a waist of every ones time. We all know that there are issues, none of us are blind.

Every time we fill our gas tanks, or pay way too much for groceries, or our school classes get canceled we see it happening.

What we need now are solutions not whining in the streets by a bunch of doped up kids who know there is a problem but don’t have enough brain cells left to think up a solution.