The new ASO president

Febe Ruiz is the new Pierce College Associated Students Organization (ASO) president after former president Gabriel Mellibosky resigned due to personal reasons, according the ASO club advisor.

Ruiz, formerly the ASO vice president, assumed the presidency last week, according to Saenz.

The ASO has not had a president serve a full term for the past three years, according to Saenz.

As vice president her work is primarily focused on dealing with students and campus life, such as facilitating the weekly ASO Senate meetings.

In addition to being one of the ASO clerks, Ruiz’s duties now include attending multiple weekly and monthly meetings, such as the Student Affairs Committee (SAC) meetings in Los Angeles and the Academic Senate meetings on campus.

“It’s exciting because I’ve had the opportunity to experience being vice president and now president,” said Ruiz. “It’s more work, but I’m excited, I’m looking forward to learn.”

With Ruiz now busy representing Pierce students on the district level, ASO senators nominated Shane Mooney, current ASO senator, as vice president during a special election at yesterday’s ASO Senate meeting.

“He’s one of our most active senators, I completely believe in Shane,” said Ruiz. “He’s definitely here for the students and here to do work, he’s proven that.”

Mooney, who was the only person nominated for vice president, had to step resign from his positions as president of the French club, vice president of the political science club, and chair of the environmental/public welfare committee in order to become ASO vice president.

“I had to step down because there’s a conflict of interests,” said Mooney. “I’m enthusiastic about the possibility of making a big difference on campus,” said Mooney.

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